How To Choose The Most Suitable Strip Rolling Mill For Industrial Use?

To manufacture wire, strips, and metallic profiles, Strip Rolling Mill is a fundamental metalworking process. Strip Rolling Mill is primarily used to reduce material thickness or diameter while improving its mechanical properties.

Although the Strip Rolling Mill cold rolling process is fairly recent, nowadays it is an intermediate production stage for many industrial components in multiple sectors: automotive, welding, electronic, medical, building and more.

Strip Rolling Mill, or tandem rolling mills, cold rolling mills, are commonly used for this type of process, producing perfect dimensions with various applications on metals: indeed, Strip Rolling Mill offer a variety of features and customization options.

Discover how to choose the best Strip Rolling Mill for your industry by learning about the different types of Strip Rolling Mill on the market.

How does Strip Rolling Mill work?

To understand how important it is to use the right Strip Rolling Mill for industrial production, let’s look at how metal is rolled.

During the cold rolling process, a metal strip (usually steel, brass, aluminum, or other alloys) is transferred from one roll to another. The rolls rotate at constant speed in opposite directions, compressing the material and forming it into new diameters, thicknesses, and shapes.

In order to enhance and strengthen the metal strip rolling mill, the cold rolling process enables it to harden without overcrystallizing (becoming too thick) too quickly: the metal is thus enhanced and strengthened with the aid of a special finishing and with perfect precision. Indeed, from a metal plate with a thickness of a few millimeters, it is possible to obtain thin wires and strips with a thickness of a few tenths of a millimeter.

Below are the strip rolling mill produced by our company, each of which is introduced in detail.

About Company

Founded in 2016, Sky Bluer Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. manufactures a variety shapes of industrial wire rolling lines, universal rolling mills, cold rolling cassettes, wire drawing machine,and precision rolls. As a replacement for cold rolling mills originating in Europe, America, and Japan, the company conducts independent research and development on rolling lines for spring steel square wire, flat wire, spring wire, shaped steel wire, wedge profile wire, and so forth. With the combination of modern technology and self-made rolling and drawing, the cost of grooving and the production of shaped wires can be greatly reduced. the rolled products are highly polished, with a straightness of up to 0.5mm/m, a thickness tolerance of less than 0.005mm, and a width tolerance less than 0.005mm.

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