magAssist is participating in EUMS-ISMCS joint conference.

The 2022 International Culture for Mechanical Circulatory Assistance (hereinafter described as ISMCS) meeting is held in Hanover, Germany from May 24 to 27. magAssist is invited and participate in this seminar in an on the internet way.

This is a joint academic meeting of ISMCS and the European Mechanical Circulatory Support Summit (EUMS for brief). artificial heart is expected to combine scientists, engineers, physician and various other experts in the field to share understanding with each other and talk about evidence, experiences, fads, concepts and visions for the future of mechanical circulatory support.

Dr. Chiahao Hsu, Director of Science and Innovation of magAssist, as the guest audio speaker, will certainly offer a presentation on “magAssist Update”. She will share the research and development progress and achievements of magAssist to the worldwide professionals and let the world listen to the voice of China.

ISMCS, previously referred to as the International Society of Rotating Blood Pumps (ISRBP), was started in 1992 and released its initial scientific congress in the same year, and officially transformed its name to the International Society for Mechanical Circulatory Support(ISMCS) in 2016. ISMCS has efficiently held 27 congresses in the United States, Germany, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Japan, etc. ISMCS has become an extremely significant scientific meeting in the field of worldwide mechanical cycle help.

With the objective of conserving lives and boosting life high quality of people, the supreme goal of ISMCS is to offer cross-disciplinary scientific and clinical technological assistance and bring effective and cost effective new options to the field of mechanical circulatory help. With the yearly conference, ISMCS provides a worldwide system for thorough discussions on concepts, research and development, and medical applications pertaining to mechanical circulatory support.

At the 27th Annual Meeting of ISMCS held in Bologna, Italy in 2019, Dr. Polin Hsu, Distinguished Professor of Soochow University and Founder and CEO of magAssist, was invited to provide a presentation on “From Silk Road to Artificial Heart”. It is regrettable that the ISMCS conference was not held in China as arranged due to the epidemic, but it is clear that international professionals are positive concerning the Chinese experience and the need to work together with China for usual advancement.

At the ISMCS, Monash Young Medical Innovators (hereinafter referred to as MYMI) formally launched a worldwide competition for the style of man-made heart. The competitors, led by Australian medical engineering specialist Dr. Shaun Gregory and supported by ISMCS, is dedicated to technology and heritage in the area of synthetic heart practice.

As a leading firm in the area of cardiac arrest in China, magAssist likewise attach terrific relevance to the growing of high-end abilities in the area and lasting advancement of the industry. We anticipate seeing the superior success of our young talents and the spark of advancement with the brand-new generation.

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