terrazzo countertop Secrets

Quartz stone countertops are popular among users because they have the texture of natural marble and practical functions such as heat resistance, scratch resistance, and impermeability. However, most people don’t know much about quartz stone countertops, and even some cabinet suppliers have misunderstandings when introducing products to owners, such as: it is pure natural, can be seamlessly spliced, and is not damaged by ironing, etc.
Let us give you a detailed introduction to the product’s characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, application areas, purchase instructions, maintenance and other aspects of knowledge.

1/ What is a quartz countertop?

First of all, quartz countertops are man-made. Its production process is to crush natural quartz sand, and then to purify (this process removes metal impurities and avoids radioactive products). After mixing raw materials, quartz crystal (90%-94%), resin (6%) and trace pigments are made into large-scale plates through heterogeneous polymerization technology under vacuum conditions, and then the surface is polished by more than 30 processes polished.

2/ Advantages and disadvantages of the quartz stone


1)Wear-resistant, scratch-resistant
The Mohs hardness of quartz stone reaches 7.5 degrees (marble 3 degrees, granite 6.5 degrees), which can prevent iron objects from being scratched to a certain extent.

2)Not easy to penetrate, strong anti-sterility
The surface is dense and non-porous, and the water absorption rate is only 0.02%. Generally, acid and alkali substances such as coffee, oil, and sauce cannot penetrate into it.

3)Non-radiation and non-toxic
Quartz stone is a natural stone crystalline mineral, which is one of the inorganic materials. During the production process, it is purified to basically eliminate harmful substances. In addition, the dense and non-porous material structure on the surface makes bacteria have no place to hide, so it is safe and non-toxic.


1)Can’t do seamless splicing
Because of its high hardness, it cannot be seamlessly spliced like acrylic. In order to meet the requirements of customers for seamless splicing, some cabinet companies will polish the splicing seams. The editor does not recommend it, because the surface of the countertop is impermeable. The factory has been polished for more than 30 times , It is impossible to do this technology after artificial destruction and then grinding, and it is easy to see infiltration and other phenomena in the later stage.

2)High processing technology requirements
The requirements for dimensioning, processing, and installation are very high, and any problem in one of the links will affect the appearance and use of the countertop. So choose a good brand company.

3/Usage area

Because of the particularity of the product, it is mainly used in the kitchen field, and it can be matched with different countertop colors and different processing techniques according to the style of the cabinet. The larger the kitchen area, the more it can highlight the style and shape of the countertop, especially the open kitchen. Through professional design, it fully demonstrates the artistry of the quartz stone countertop, making the kitchen more integrated and becoming a visual focus.
What kind of kitchen style determines the style of the countertop. For example, the modern style can choose the countertop style with plain color and simple shape, and the European or American style can choose imitation marble, granite pattern and complex edge shape.

The washroom countertop is an important use area in the bathroom. For some families, the frequency of use is estimated to be higher than that of the kitchen countertop because cosmetics and other chemical-containing items are placed. Unlike traditional marble, which basically does not penetrate, it is very convenient to clean. It can also be laid around the bathtub where water and bath products are encountered every day, so that it can be more integrated with the bathroom countertop.

The other areas:
In addition to the kitchen and bathroom, it can be used on the walls and floors of public areas in some homes, such as bay window sills, window frames, dining tables, desks, workbenches, etc. It also needs to be coordinated by your home decoration designer. Design, in addition, materials such as kitchen countertop sink holes can be paid for processing and installed on window sills and other places.

1) Do not place the hot pot directly or on the countertop for a long time.
2)Avoid cutting meat and other products directly on the countertop, especially at the joints to prevent cracking.
3)Usually clean with clean water, after a long time, you can regularly clean with toothpaste.

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